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April 7, 2005
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TWBT 2 - The Final Afterglow by ekster TWBT 2 - The Final Afterglow by ekster
This is the second part of the series The Way Beyond Tomorrow and introduces the character of Leyla Hahn.
View the first episode here: [link]

Part 2 The Final Afterglow

The terrible arcs of destruction descended from the skies and laid waste to the centers of civilization in a shimmering and devastating blast of finality. The remnants and symbols of everlasting empires crumbled before the fire of the apocalypse and were blown away like the ashes and dust from a dying hearth. Only silence and the afterglow remained, painting the skies with blood red and crimson at twilight.

Captain Leyla Hahn stood by the edge of the remote base camp made up of a ragtag team of pilots, mercenaries and investigators from many countries. She was completely frozen with shock and disbelief, and her thoughts and expression were echoed throughout all who were present. The years that they have spent trying to uncover a mysterious plot all ended in catastrophic failure as all eyes were helplessly fixated on the glowing red horizon. It all happened so quickly, an unexpected moment of utter surprise and horror.

Life, humanity, and all things embraced with familiarity, had vanished and now simply exist as memories past. Tomorrow will be a very different day.

Continued in Part 3
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Attalus Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks like a P-51D Mustang in the background. Nice.
ekster Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2006
Thanks so very much!

And yes, you definitely got it :)
runofthemill Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2006
This one reminds of old Soviet-era posters which encouraged women to pursue aviation. A whole lot smoother though!
ekster Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2006
A great many thanks! And I certainly remember viewing those posters as well. There's an interesting fact I uncovered sometime ago, apparently there's a study which concludes that women make better fighter pilots, mostly because of how much faster their blood recirculates especially when pulling those high G manuevers in the air!
runofthemill Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2006
Huh, you don't say? That's very interesting, I didn't know that!

ekster Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2006
Yeah it was a pretty interesting fact when I came across it as well!
Amarynceus Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2006   General Artist
Oh! Lovely.... I'm really digging your recapturing of the quality of those fabulous deco and nouveau posters of the teens and twenties and thirties. Also, I quite like the P-51D sitting there. :)

Despite its digital nature, this piece really looks like it could have been produced by skillful cutout art as well. :+fav: for sure!
ekster Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2006
A great many thanks! :)
I was hooked on the vintage and retro posters, and at one point I just dreamed and dreamed of making stuff like it. I recently just discovered this form of digital illustration, and when I got enough practice to make the stuff I really enjoyed, well, it made me really really happy :D
CapnFlynn Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2006  Professional Filmographer
Wow, gorgeous! I love the emotion of this piece.
ekster Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2006
You are very kind :hug:
Thank you :)
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