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April 3, 2005
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TWBT 1 - Flames of the Horizon by ekster TWBT 1 - Flames of the Horizon by ekster
Initially, I was only going to do a single character piece that shows the pilot and her plane, but I decided it would be more fun to develop a story over several pieces instead. This is the first installment of the series which I am calling The Way Beyond Tomorrow.

Part 1: Flames of the Horizon

This first piece is the introduction to the series, occurring just before the moment of the apocalypse. Hundreds of miles away from the centers of civilzation on a lone airstrip, we see how it all began.


In the beginning
Man created the machines
And the machines were taught to think
And became the slaves of mankind
Until the day they turned on their masters

As the apocalypse nears
It was they who unleashed
The harbingers of destruction
The flames of the horizon

To wipe out all of mankind

But there still lies hope
A fighting chance survives
Amongst the ranks of the bravest
And the few

For all that is left of mankind

Continued in Part 2: [link]
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Given 2005-08-07
TWBT 1 - Flames of the Horizon is an amazing piece of vector art. =eksteris great digital artist with lots to offer in the fields of simplicity and beauty. His vectors are quite masterful to behold with their everyday feel, however ekster always makes them seem a lot more interesting than your everyday occurrence. ( Suggested by garrit and Featured by Subversive-imaginati )
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adrianperezacosta Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2006  Professional General Artist
Absolutely awesome! great color, great atmosphere, suggestive composition.
just great! :clap:
ekster Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2006
Many thanks for the kind words friend! :)
mootsie Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2006
This is also fantastic. The composition is what I really like here...but the colours are also just perfect.
ekster Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006
Thanks so very much for the most kind words! :)
Scottpoulter Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006  Student
This is so incredible! You cannot have captured the beauty of the plane more! I am drooling over the screen at this instant. Fav definintly!
ekster Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2006
Thanks so much for the kind comments friend! :)
The P-51D is indeed a beautiful plane in of itself, you cant go wrong with one :nod:
change1211 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2005
That is an outstanding render of a P-51. Very nice job :)
change1211 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2005
I've yet to meet a person who doesn't love the P-51, apart from maybe the Germans during the 40's :P
ekster Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2005
Thanks very much! I'm glad that you think so, it is one of my most favorite planes :)
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