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December 30, 2005
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New ID - Ekster Vector by ekster New ID - Ekster Vector by ekster
Fun with sepia tones and well... just fun in general ;P

It's a fairly quick piece, and I believe this is my first attempt at a self portrait and it turned out alright, so I'm happy.

Anyways, new ID for a new year. Yayness!
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trinkster Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2006
very you eka :D way to go
ekster Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2006
Hahaha why yes, I suppose so ;)
And thank you! :blowkiss:
amateurgraphicdesign Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2006   Interface Designer
Very, very nice...BRAVO!!! I love the sepia tones, and the overall look of the whole piece. Your vectors are awesome, and stand out to me. I love the smoothness of this one, and all of them. I love how you mostly used sepia tones, but a little red flair on his tie and on the signature....really stands out nicley. You are an amazing artist....

I cannot believe that your "tools of the trade" software programs used are only photoshop and illustrator CS....your stuff's awesomeand I would have thought that you would've used some other, more complex software program(s)?

I admire vector art a lot, so I'll be checking out your gallery a lot more, and also your tutorials, if you did any...I tried one time with a tutorial of how to make a vector in photoshop (not a true vector, but the look of one) using the pen tool, but it wasn't much help, because I wasn't that familiar with the tool....I had never had to use it before, but I will be trying more....your stuff inspires me!!!
ekster Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2006
Aww you are so very sweet :aww: Thank you so very much once more! :)
This particular piece was a lot of fun to do mostly because of the color experimentation. There's a lot of other good vector artists on here that I truly admire as well, it really is amazing how the simplest of tools and functions can build upon each other to make some amazing stuff. Even for me, I still have a looong ways to go, but growth is a good thing. And thank you again for the wonderful support! :hug:
eustressor Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2006
Sayyyyy... is that a new iMac in the background? Hahaha, great work as always, Eka :thumbsup:
ekster Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2006
Thanks very much Sean! :)
Heh, I sure wish it was my own new iMac, but unfortunately it ain't mine ;P
Zweetchuck Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love your vector, verry elegant and sexy
ekster Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2006
Hey thanks so very much! :)
Zweetchuck Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
houseki Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2006
yo0o0o0ooooo eka this looks just like you! awesome job!!!

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